Work with me!

Nicole brings logistics, event planning, and public relations expertise to every project. She is proactive, perseverant, patient, and very well organized. If you need good things to happen on time, turn to Nicole!

–Burrito Justice, Bikes to Books

A veteran of the underground arts and a lifelong activist, my work ethos has been heavily inspired by the DIY movement. Over many years of learning by doing, I’ve gained a multi-faceted skill set in arts production and administration, marketing and publicity, journalism and design. And as a former worker-owner of a multi-million dollar natural foods cooperative, I bring years of experience in systems-building, democratic decision-making, and business operations to the table as well.

I’m always seeking ways to collaborate with and support artists at every stage of their creation process. Looking to add an administrator, dramaturg, producer, performance coach, or publicist to your team? Need a consultant, facilitator, or cheerleader in your corner? Click here to link to my full CV, or drop me a line below for a quote, references, and more.