The Forever Wave, a radio play

“If you survive the apocalypse,
don’t you get to help build what comes after it?”

Inspired by Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood, The Forever Wave reconceptualizes Thomas’ play for a climate ravaged near-future. Set in a drowned Bay Area, circa 2070, The Forever Wave imagines the survivors of this water-logged world as occupying the tops of hills, individual islands jutting up from a climate-change induced tide that rolled in one day and never rolled out. Every character of Thomas’ is given a future counterpart, and every scene has a kinship with the original—although ultimately they are very different plays.

Combining geography, geology, climate science, Bay Area history, and a diverse, compelling collection of voices—survivors and dead alike—
The Forever Wave is a comprehensive exploration of a what-if future that seems ever more likely every year we fail to address the impacts of climate change and economic inequality in our current timeline. What communities will emerge in a future where our systems have collapsed and our “normal” is a historical relic? What can the hilltop-dwellers of the future teach us about ourselves in the now? And what are the things we can start building in order to avoid their fate?

CAST (bios to come)

Roy Conboy

Jerikka Gamboa

Aaliyah Gilliard

Peter Griggs

Nathaniel Justiniano

Julia Letzel

Mia Paschal

Krystle Piamonte

Edna Mira Raia

Patrick Simms

Megan Trout

Lluis Valls


Hatem Adell

Jeremy Greco

Javier Stell-Frésquez

Sabrina Wenske


John Rock


CREATIVE TEAM (bios to come)

Nicole Gluckstern (Playwright/Producer)

Patrick Simms (Audio Engineer)

Cliff Caruthers (Sound Design)


“Oure Light in Oure Light” by Adrienne Inglis. Performed by SFSU University Chorus. Courtesy of the artists.

“The Gates/Take Me to the Water,” by Mark Growden. Courtesy of the artist.

“Esperanza,” by Banda Sin Nombre. Courtesy of the artists.


“On Nua Beach,” by Roy Conboy. Courtesy of the artist.


2012 Map of 200′ sea level rise co-created by Brian Stokle and John Oram. Forever Wave Edit by Nicole Gluckstern and John Oram.


Hatem Adell

Jonathan Cordero

Julia Letzel