Production Portfolio

Nicole is a perceptive, sharp, and quick individual with extensive experience and a deep passion for theatre like few people I have ever met.

–Patti Meyer, (former) Technical Director of The Marsh

Voter’s Bloc Theatre (2008-2011)
A political street theatre/radio play series dedicated to highlighting a single issue on the ballots of upcoming elections, including California’s No on 98 campaign, and No on L, San Francisco’s sit-lie proposition. Series culminated in a San Francisco mayoral campaign in 2011, featuring Tyler Null as his self-created politician persona, Spencer Blackhart.

Salon San Carlos (2011-2015)
An intimate, living room series of original works, staged in three different neighborhoods. Performers and companies included SF Buffoons, Naked Empire Bouffon Company, Kingdom of Not (as the Wounded Stag), Right Brain Performance Company, the Independent Eye, Foul Play Productions, Christian Cagigal, Ryan Hayes, Jeremy Greco, Mia Paschal, Maura Holloran, Megan Cohen, the Slow Poisoner, Gaea Denker/Princess Cream Pie, and L.M. deLeon.

IncivilitySF/Subversion (2017-2020)
IncivilitySF is an annual showcase of politically-inspired work from San Francisco’s underground. Our monthly development series, Subversion, invites artists working with themes of social justice, community-empowerment, and political awakening to come try out new work/work-in-progress in front of an audience. Artists pictured below are Eric Larsen, Ashton Wolgast, Fenner, Praba Pilar, Ed Wolf, Peter Griggs, and Rotimi Agbabiaka.

Fringe Festivals (2000-present)
I’ve been working on the international Fringe Festival circuit for almost twenty years, after first stumbling across the San Francisco Fringe Festival at EXIT Theatre in 2000. As a lighting tech/designer, tour support, and journalist, I’ve traveled to multiple festivals in Canada, the U.S., and Edinburgh. Companies and artists I’ve worked for include the San Francisco Fringe Festival, Ambit Theatre, Barry Smith, Naked Empire Bouffon Company, and Christina Augello/EXIT Theatre. Additionally, I’ve been a volunteer for the Montreal Fringe Festival, and a Fringe reviewer for StageRush in NYC.

Bikes to Books (2013-present)
One of my favorite ongoing projects is co-leading the Bikes to Books literary history bicycling tours of San Francisco, with the truly inspirational Burrito Justice! Over the years we’ve expanded our programming to include beer socials, lectures, presentations, readings, a one-mile walking tour of literary North Beach, and our signature seven-mile bike ride. Our 2013 “map launch,” held in Jack Kerouac Alley, included 12 readers performing selected segments of work from the 12 authors and artists featured on the route.